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Call Pgm


Active Member
Hello Listers

I am trying to run an AS400 RPG program from XE UBE.

I have already successfully run the RPG program. Now I am trying to pass (3)
three parameters to the RPG program.
The syntax I am using is:
VA rpt_RunRPG = concat("CALL PGM(",concat([VA
rpt_LibraryName9A],concat("/",concat([VA rpt_ProgramCall1],concat("
PARM('",concat([VA rpt_UserId2],concat("' '",concat([VA
rpt_PrinterName1],concat("' '",concat([VA

We see the command being executed. We do not see the parameters.
Any helpful syntax here would be appreciated.

Bob Bushley
Haskel International
Burbank, Ca. U.S.A.
XE(B7333)ver SP15.1
AS400 ver V4R5 DB2
Windows 2000 SR2