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BSFN will parameters passed in - not be me????


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Hi folks,

Can someone please help me as I am losing the plot :)
I have a BSFN that's called many times in a log of mine. It works 18 out of times in my log. The 2 that it fails on are totally baffling me as it seems to be adding extra parameters I am NOT mapping on the way IN

This is my BSFN call in the code. Yet the times where it fails, extra values are being passed in that I am not mapping: 2 calls attached

| -dcLINKInventoryTransfers(ND3N4113.dcLINKInventoryTransfers)
| | | | VA evt_DocVoucherInvoiceE [DOC] <- mnDocNo_DOC [DOC]
| | | | VA evt_DocumentType_DCT [DCT] -> szDocType_DCT [DCT]
| | | | VA evt_ItemNoUnknownFormat_UITM [UITM] -> szPrimaryItemNo_UITM [UITM]
| | | | BF szCostCenter [MCU] -> szBranchPlantFrom_MCUF [MCUF]
| | | | BF szLocation [LOCN] -> szLocFrom_LOCF [LOCF]
| | | | VA evt_LotFrom_LOTF [LOTF] -> szLotNoFrom_LOTF [LOTF]
| | | | BF szToBusinessUnit [TOMCU] -> szBranchPlantTo_MCU [MCU]
| | | | BF szLocationTo [TLOC] -> szLocTo_LOCN [LOCN]
| | | | VA evt_LotTo_LOTN [LOTN] -> szLotNoTo_LOTN [LOTN]
| | | | VA evt_UnitOfMeasureTransact_TRUM [TRUM] -> szTransUOM_TRUM [TRUM]
| | | | VA evt_QuantityToMove_TRQT [TRQT] -> mnTransQty_TRQT [TRQT]
| | | | VA evt_ProgramId [PID] -> szProgramId_PID [PID]
| | | | "0" -> cdcLINKActionCode_EV01 [EV01]
| | | | SL UserID -> szUserId_USER [USER]
| | | | VA evt_WorkStationId [JOBN] -> szWorkStationId_JOBN [JOBN]
| | | | VA evt_VersionVERS [VERS] -> szVersion_VERS [VERS]
| | | | VA evt_ErrorCode_ERRC [ERRC] <- cErrCode_ERRC [ERRC]
| | | | VA evt_ErrorMessageKey_EKEY [EKEY] <- szErrMsgID_EKEY [EKEY]
| | | | VA evt_ExplanationTransactionTREX [TREX] <> szExplanationTransaction [TREX]
| | | | VA evt_ToLotStatusCode_LOTS [LOTS] -> cToLotStatusCode_LOTS [LOTS]


Any ideas where the unmapped values would be coming from? I can understand them coming out, but not going in





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I think I know what it is....

ND3N4113 is called in a loop to move the desired QTY needed. So if it s finds stock in one LOCN, but not enough, it moves the 1st and then tries the second/third

The code is called in a loop, so the values passed back from 1st call are magically sticking and then being passed into the second call.
The error manifests itself as a GL batch open cursor error. The reason is the DOC is passed back from the 1st call and then fed into the 2nd 3rd etc

I have never seen this before as if values are not mapped then you'd think they are NOT mapped.

I may have to map a 0 permanently in the ICU DOC fields etc

Has anyone ever seen this before? The 1st calls OUT values are sticking in memory and being fed back into the 2nd call
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Hi Larry, yes it's a right pain and seen as I've been developing since 2001, I've been lucky......or stupid not to notice this sooner.
What I've had to do is check the different calls and map 0 into the fields that seem to be changing/passed back in.

Thanks Craig. I'm on TR on 9.0 sadly. Seems like others have spotted this bug too then