C/A and Copy/Paste from Excel sheet


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One for the techie-weenies like me... We have users that wish to be able to Copy/Paste "columns" from an excel speadsheet into the "columns" of (for example) the Journal Entry screen. They have 3 columns (cells) in the spreadsheet that correspond to the 3 columns in the JE screen and if you try to Copy the 3 columns from Excel and Paste them into this screen, they don't end up in the 3 columns.

It may sound weird but this actually works with the Rumba product we also use to connect to JDE (no special setup or anything). There is even some setup things under Edit/Options that implies this will work in Client Access. (I have tried both C/A 95 and Express). Any thoughts??


As a follow on to this has anyone been able to do this using the JWalk PDT

We also use Rumba, which in addition to the below also has a paste-continue
function so you can copy all rows in one go the paste into multiple pages.



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If you only have a few lines of a journal entry, then copying/pasting it is
an easy way to go. However, if you have large journal entries (say more
than 100 lines) then even this can be cumbersome. We've set up a process to
upload JEs to JDEdwards and then use programs PGLCNVSST & PCNV0911 to upload
it to the F0911 file. Also, if my memory serves me correctly, these
programs were from an older version of JDEdwards and I had to have my
consultant tweak the programs to work with A7.3 cume 10. There are also two
similar programs to upload budget data to the F0902 file.

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I finally got the ledger folks to use Batch Journal Entry and they don't
even think about copy and paste anymore. Just create any journal entry
in excel, save the file as a .prn to stabilize the columns, upload to
f09112 and process against a map to create a journal entry with account
number edits. I created the first maps for them and now they do their
own. We are on A7.3 cume 8 and we use Rumba.

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I agree, this is the best method for getting your excel (or other) data into the GL as it handles error checking and data validation as well.

I have used this method many times to import GL transaction data from other systems to JDE with excellent results.

With batch journal entry the trick is to NOT fall into the trap of trying to jump the data mapping step (load F09112) and load the data directly into the F0911Z1 file.



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Re: RE: C/A and Copy/Paste from Excel sheet

Dale - I tried this and I couldn't seem to get anything to change. I made my column widths in the excel sheet the same as the column widths in the JDE screen and it still just crams everything into the first column with a space between the date that I pasted in. Am I missing something??


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RE: RE: C/A and Copy/Paste from Excel sheet

Go ahead an email me your spreadsheet, I'll take a look-see.



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I've sent to your "meatloaf" account according to your profile. Let me know if you want it somplace else. THANKS!


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SOLVED! Thanks to fellow-lister Ricardo Lopez who found that if you set the C/A setting for Edit/Options/Paste to "check the field wrap box as well as change the setting to process tabs to 60 columns (default is 1)". Go figure considering this doesn't make a bit of sense... BUT IT WORKS! Again, the reason they use this functionality is because they have spreadsheets with anywhere from 20-100 entries and it is quite quick to Copy all of the columns you need and Paste (page down) & Paste Next and you are done in seconds. Validation occurs as soon as they poke <Enter> on the JDE screen. Thanks Ricardo! (and I haven't gotten any recent tatoos {wink} that I remember!)