Building a BSFN for debug

Dear All,

I am an experienced World developer, on my first One World assignment,
working alone at a site which is pre-installation of Xe. I have been given
only basic training, and am trying to learn from The Developer's Guide book,
and the solutions to problems on the jdelist, while using Demo Junior.
I am far behind many of you, but I wondered if someone could stoop to my
level to help me along the way.

I am trying to debug a business function, and read the 'dubugging' thread
recently, which was great.
But mine is still not working. The UBE is the Address Book Batch Interface
Upload R01010Z.

I have closed One World.
Opened Visual C++.
Opened workspace ubeprint.exe.
The BSFN is N0100041, and the parent DLL is CALLBSFN.
So my Project Settings Additional DLLs reads d:\b7\demo\bin32\callbsfn.dll
I opened the source, and set a breakpoint in the main processing.
When I take Build/StartDebug/Go, I get

d:\b7\demo\bin32\callbsfn.dll does not contain debugging

The Developer's Guide tells me to rebuild the function I want to debug.

I have both the UBE and the BSFN checked out.
The UBE has been built in the events debugger.
I assume I am to build the business function in OMW. I have never built a
BSFN before, but when I do I get

Cannot find NMAKE in the build path.
Build cannot continue without a valid NMAKE.
Possible causes:
MAKEDIR setting in your jde.ini points to the wrong compiler
You did not install Visual C++ on your machine.

MAKEDIR in jde.ini reads:

What in the world do I do now? I feel like I've got lost in a large bucket
of glue.
Thanks for listening.
Maggie DemoJunior(XeSP13) WindowsNT VisualC++ 6.0 No SPs