E9.2 BSSV HAproxy consumer configuration



I've trying to set up a HAproxy for the JDE BSSV Consumers to be able to use multiple BSSV servers instead of the single configuration thats allowed on P986110 ZJDE0003.

As the document says: E1: BSSV Is Load Balancing supported with EnterpriseOne Business Services Server (BSSV)? (Doc ID 855939.1)

"How does this relate to Business Services Server?
BSSV uses JDENet, and this is simply a TCP protocol, using (host)IP and ports, which is the communication protocol between the BSSV and the E1 Enterprise Server."

If tried with a basic tcp haproxy but does not work as spected.

frontend jde-outbound
    bind *:6400
    option tcplog
    mode tcp
    default_backend jde-servers

backend jde-servers
    mode tcp
    option tcplog
    server node1

Has any1 have found a viable working configuration of HAProxy/Zen for balancing the BSSV that go out of the enterprise server.

Thanks in advance