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>> Business Services that are made available to external sources need to be deployed to a Business Services Server. In other words, E1 functions are 'exposed to the outside world' via Business Services that are deployed to a Business Service Server.

>> Once the Business Service Server instance is created and configured properly, it can receive packages containing Business Services objects. These packages are built and deployed to the Business Services Server via a E1 Fat client. 

>> A Business Service package will need to be deployed to the BSSV instance before the BSSV instance can be started.

Provider Scenario

External BSSV Services --> E1 BSSV Server --> E1 Enterprise Server ( BSFN ) --> E1 Database Server --> Retrieves Data from DB and share with 3rd Party

Consumer Scenario

From E1 --> E1 BSSV Server --> E1 Enterprise Server ( BSFN ) --> E1 Database Server --> Add/updates the Data of E1 DB from 3rd Patty BSSV Services

( Source of Data )

Steps Involved in this configuration

  • JDeveloper Installation
  • Post E1 Client Install configuration
  • BSSV Package Build
  • Create a BSSV Server Instance
  • BSSV Package Deployment
  • Verify your configuration
  • Post Install Configuration
  • Provider Test
  • Consumer Test
  • For more information watch the video : Click Here

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