E9.2 Bsfn to Internal bssv


I would like to call internal bssv from bsfn,in the internal bssv i have wrapped rest call to third party systems. Is it possible without consumer bssv? Can i call an internal bssv simply with some paramters from bsfn to bssv value object.


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Yes, the BSSV can basically do anything that you can write using Java. Since Java has many libs that expose integration options easily (email, HTTP/HTTPS, etc.) , the BSSV can be a good way to add that to a JDE ecosystem. Writing those integrations at an O/S level (BSFN) can be more difficult, and are also obviously platform specific. For example, we developed a generic BSSV to monitor an email account and process the messages. We also created several BSSVs that consume REST APIs for item master integration. Yes, orchestrator is being pushed as the standard, but BSSVs still have their own advantages.



Hi Craig,

Thanks for your answer ,i have already wrapped everything in internal java class, i will take few values from BSFN and call this java class. I don’t have to create any thing else here . Like we do in consumer bssv.

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