BIP Issue


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Hi Reader,
I am having this weird issue.
I created a new XML publisher object and corresponding Report def object R554211B.

The version 001 had already attached different RD R554211A. Since we made some new changes, attached version 001 to R554211B.
When I run the version the generated XML doesnt have new elements added on jde report. In the jde report a new level break footer added on LITM and also some aggregate fields.
The tag of new LBF_LITM isnt seen on the XML and neither the new fields.
However if a create a new version Test and attach the new RD, it gives perfect output.
Seems like existing version, after attaching new RD isnt working.
Also we did the package deployment and tested on web, no positive results.
Has anybody come across this and if so what;s the solution.

Any help greatly appreciated!!!

JDE - 9.1
toolset -
BIP - Desktop Build 5.12.110
Yeah, the versions had version override on data sequence, once that was corrected, it worked fine.