BI Publisher Burst delivery split document and sent to multiple recipients?



I'm trying to set up burst delivery for a specific report. The report contains multiple statements that need to be sent out based on the "to" email field for each statement.
So for example if the report contains 4 statements (2 for person a, 1 for person b and 1 for person c), there should be 2 emails sent to person a, 1 to person b and 1 to person c, each with as attachment their specific statement. As it is working right now, all 4 persons receive an email with the entire report with all 4 statements in it.

Is it possible to set up the burst delivery so that the report is split per statement and only sent to the single intended recipient?



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You should update your signature so that you have details regarding which release of E1 you are talking about as BI Publisher capabilities vary significantly between tools releases. In terms of your issue you need to ensure that your bursting and data driven delivery is set up correctly and that your tools release supports this functionality correctly.