Best way to do automated alert in JDE


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What is the best way to do automated notification in JDE. For example, up on terminating one employees, the email administration should receive one alert to disable the company email address.

It can be done either ways:-
  • Write table trigger ER and check if the employees is terminated on each table update operation. But I think, we should not add table triggers because it will affect performance
  • Prepare a custome report to check on daily basis, if there is any newly terminated employee. Send alert accordingly

Is there any other easy way to accomplish the functionality.



There is entry created in the address book P01012 for the Employees Number based. There search type would be start E. Once any employee terminated admin person change the search type E to Z(Closed Customer/terminated customer). Once this will change E to Z category , Once customer report will be generated which will send the mail to the admin person.



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I would customize P01012 to send an eMail to the eMail Administrator when the employee (Address Book record) Search Type changes from E to Z (or whatever code you use for Terminated).