Best practice for setting up items that are both purchased and manufactured.


With as much overseas sourcing as there is today, I figured there must be JDE E1 best practice for setting up items that are both manufactured and purchased. I'm interested in learning how other businesses handle this issue. I have yet to find a solid solution that works seamlessly throughout the business processes. Looking specifically for a solution catered to a manufacturing/distribution company.

Thanks in advance.


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Do you mean the same SKU is manufactured and purchased in the same branch? We have items that are manufactured and then "purchased" by other branches in other countries...

Olavo Henrique Dias

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If you mean that the same company can either buy the product from a supplier or just manufacture it internally, I believe it would be better to have different part numbers.

If you mean that one facility of the company manufactures the part and another facility buys it, then using different Item Branch record (where the Stocking Type is "Purchased" in one and "Manufactured" in another) would fix your problem.