1. Financial Statements SQL Query - F0006 F0901 F0902

    First post on this site. Inherited a OneWorld Xe environment on Microsoft SQL Server. Need to pull in via SQL query from F0006 F0901 F0902. Anyone have this query available to read in balance sheet and P&L data? Basically trying to do an M&A financial roll-up to a new company defined in another ERP.
  2. Need help to clear the RNV remaining due to incorrect voucher match quantity

    Hi, We have a scenario where an old PO with multiple receipts were matched with incorrect quantities. The vouchers have been paid and hence ineligible for reversal. Now, because of incorrect quantities the receipt lines are still open with pending RNV. Also while trying to voucher match there...
  3. Best practice for setting up items that are both purchased and manufactured.

    With as much overseas sourcing as there is today, I figured there must be JDE E1 best practice for setting up items that are both manufactured and purchased. I'm interested in learning how other businesses handle this issue. I have yet to find a solid solution that works seamlessly throughout...
  4. AR Monthly Closing

    We are facing a issue related to monthly closing. Every month it's delayed due to. 1) The collectors continue to bring receipts after the cutoff date with previous month check date. Since the collections are huge in size and there are lot of customers it is so far difficult to zero this...
  5. Want to Display Customer Aging Data In Report Header

    I created one custom sales report want Aging data of Customer in header of the report like Credit balance, Over Credit Limit, Credit Limit, 31-60, 61-90, 91-120 etc.. (This data is available in P40250 application) I fetched credit limit from customer master and the rest of the field I tried to...
  6. Rauf

    Graphical representation of functionalities of modules

    Where from I can get overview (diagram, flow charts, pictures etc) of the following modules, - Financials - Procurement For example, In procurement, Order Request comes first. Quote Order second. Then Purchase Order etc.
  7. JDE Word 8.1 Finance Governement agreement for accounting

    Hi , I would like to know if JDE can be used for accounting purpose in Laos and Arménia ? Any goverment regulation that would prevent to use JDE for that purpose in these countries? Regards