1. Best practice for setting up items that are both purchased and manufactured.

    With as much overseas sourcing as there is today, I figured there must be JDE E1 best practice for setting up items that are both manufactured and purchased. I'm interested in learning how other businesses handle this issue. I have yet to find a solid solution that works seamlessly throughout...
  2. Bill of Material and Expensed Items

    Are there any white papers on best practice of including expense items in bill of material?
  3. Importing Planning messages into the F3411/F3412 tables

    Hello - I am working with a client who is implementing Infor's Advanced Planning tool. They are running JDE World A7.3 and built the necessary feeds to Infor's AP. My challenge is to take the AP output and populate the F3411/F3412 (and possible F3413) tables so the Planners can process the...