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Batch PO receipts


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Has anyone figured out a way to do purchase order receipts without use EDI or the JDE screen.

I was going to get a file from a vendor with the PO number, line number and qty and wanted to process the receipt without someone using a JDE screen to do it. Any suggestions?

B733.2 SP11.2
AS400 Central Objects


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F47071/F47072 - to load the data and P47070 to view and R47071 to process -
see G43A313 Purchasing Interoperability.

OW733.3 Xe SP 14.2
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Re: RE: Batch PO receipts


Is this to process incomming PO from a customer?

I am using the F47011/F47012 then R47011 to process the order. This is purchase orders comming in from our customers.


B7333 SP15.1 AS/400 Server