Basket Repricing

Dear List,

I have come across an interesting request from a client regarding order
repricing and
was wondering if any of you had solved / run into this issue previously, and
could offer any advice.

The problem stems from the fact that under standard JDE advanced pricing,
use of a basket reprice rule allows a product to exist
in only one Basket Repricing group.

For example (from an old SAR on the KG (1220099))
Basket reprice group A consists of pens & paper.
Basket reprice group B consists of pencils and paper.
The system only allows for an item to be in one group. Product mixes require
an item being included in multiple
groups, but only one group can be specified in the item branch plant for an
The set up does not allow for an item to be included in multiple groups.

Has any one come across this issue before and come up with a solution ?

Thanks in advance,


System :
OW XE, AS400 V4.5, Windows 2000, Citrix


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By the look of it, it's more a problem of pricing structure than a JDE
implementation problem. It seems to me that have 2 groups which can include
the same items is a non sense.

So i will rather try to make the customer think about that than trying to
find a work around


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