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We have lost our IT support and we are trying to figure out a few items. I would appreciate any direction on getting these posted in the correct forum and how to go about getting answers.

Where do we configure the Work Order completion bin? When we complete a work order the finished goods will then reside in a bin location. We are not sure how/where to configure this per 2nd Item Number, or is this part of the routing?
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There are two basic methods. If all items of that type in the branch reside in the same bin then you can set the primary location to the bin location and that will effectively be the default. If it is just for the output of a particular order then you can either set the location on the work order header at creation/update or set the location on work order completion. If you need more specifics than that you're probably going to need to start looking at some professional support.
Hello, I am new to this site and need some knowledge transfer for printing in JDE, Lately, we are experiencing issues with SQL blocked conditions causing very poor server response times (i.e. "work with sales speed status update" took 61 seconds and normally runs in 10 seconds or less). We use SQL Server 2005 SP4 Standard Edition. Users continue to report printing issues from JDE. Need some guidelines

1. Don't try to steal someone else's thread - start your own new post in the appropriate forum.
2. It's nice that you shared your database version but what about the JDE version?
3. You say you have printing problems but your one example is a interactive application.
4. No one here can diagnose your situation given the information provided. Do you have any IT staff? Why aren't they helping?
5. After the above tongue lashing ... welcome to JDE List. Read the 'Netiquette' post and "How to ask questions the smart way" in order to help us help you.
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