1. E9.1 07 Cost Method of Zero Dollars

    We have an issue and wondering if anyone else has seen this... We have an item that is being shipped from our MFG plant to a DC. The item is manufactured for one of our child companies. The child company is on a different ERP system. It item branch record for this item for the receiving...
  2. E9.2 JDE 9.2 Crew Size - Rounding?

    Does anyone know what digit JDE rounds the crew size? It appears to be to the tenths place (0.1) but we are trying to use it to the hundredths (0.11) Thanks!
  3. IvanGRMseak

    Custom functionality to P43250 - issue with duplicate PO lines

    Hi List, I`m currently working on a custom functionality for app P43250 in which users need to add a lot and lot information to in transit PO lines, even if said PO are not meant to be split into multiple orders. there is this shipment rule that only applies to our country in which the PO must...
  4. Basic Configuration Questions

    We have lost our IT support and we are trying to figure out a few items. I would appreciate any direction on getting these posted in the correct forum and how to go about getting answers. Where do we configure the Work Order completion bin? When we complete a work order the finished goods will...