Bar code font on AS/400 IFS


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We know how to create a UBE that uses a truetype 3of9 font for barcode. Works just fine if run locally or other box that has Intel and TrueType fonts.
I noticed with SP16 that we have a Truetype directory in the IFS on the AS/400. And there is a C39M3.TTF STMF in it.

So... how does one go about “installing” TrueType fonts on an AS/400. When you submit the jobs that have the font and they run on the ES... they do not produce a bar code. I figured that was the end of it until I saw this directory show up.

AS400 V4R5, XE+XU1+35ESUs, SP16, NT-SQL7 for CO



We have been using another 3 of 9 code which I copied a to a shared folder
on the AS400 then copied it to /b7333sys/resource/