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B7331 sp11.3 and AS/400 V5R1

Is anyone running B7331 sp11.3 on V5R1 of the AS/400 operating system? The minimum technical requirements for B7331 do not list V5R1 as being supported - I am not sure if this is an oversight or if it is really not supported. We are going to be upgrading our AS/400 from V4R5 to V5R1 sooner than we are going to be live on XE.

B7331 SP11.3, AS/400 V4R5, SQL 7.0

Todd Passenheim
American Medical Systems
Phone: 952-930-6294


The Tech-Flash Announcement of Edwards supporting V5R1 is available on the knowledge Garden - Click on Product, Then On Communication, Then on Tech Flash the support announcement is on the 2nd page near the bottom. Unfortunately according to the announcement B7331 is not supported on V5R1, You need to be at either B7332 or XE with Service Pack 15.1. I just did an XE Install on V5R1 and will be doing an upgrade of 7332 to XE(V4R4 to V5R1(different Boxes)) in about 3 weeks. The XE install Requires you to put SP15.1 on the deployment server in order to make installation workbench Finish. If at all possible I would either schedule your XE Upgrade before upgrading to V5R1 or Try Upgrading to XE and switching to V5R1 at the same time (This requires a separate AS400(V5R1) to do the XE Install on and then after testing XE the Data and specs can be brought over and converted from the exiting box with B7331 on it)

Hope this helps,

Scott Carney
CNC Consultant
J.D. Edwards