"automating" the OK button in PO Generator


\"automating\" the OK button in PO Generator


I'm looking for any tips with OW development. PO Generator allows a user to
select multiple lines from a work order, release them, and generate a
purchase order. It's fine if the work order is only a few lines long, but
if there are numerous lines, a user must click the OK button on the release
screen for each line in the work order. Is there a way to "automate" that
OK button, so that a user would only have to select the work order lines on
the find/browse form, click the select button, and have the OK button on the
release form clicked automatically?

I've tried adding the Press Button system function in several different
events in the release form, to no avail. I'm in the process of trying other

Any suggestions are welcome.

Many thanks,


B7332 SP11.3, IBM AIX Oracle 8i.1.6