Attaching One of Many T&C pages at end of Purchase Order

Abhishek Chhajer

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How to dynamically attach One of Many fixed T&C page at end of PO print?
Suppose, based on order type and company the PO Print T&C varies.
I know we can use sub-template and then call the appropriate one.

Any other way of doing this? Can we import sub-templates in embedded BIP?
Hi Abhishek,

We have n number of sub templates created and placed in the shared folder(means different rtf document) and we can make use of it by using condition in more than one RTF document.

By doing this so, we can re use the same in different RTF's.

Hi Abhishek,

Per me, we need to have a subtemplate (a separate rtf) having all the T&C loaded. Say for e.g. TnCtemplate.rtf
<?param:OrTyUrl;string(‘No Url Passed’)?>
<?call@inlines:SAMPLE1?><?end call?>
<?end when?>
<?call@inlines:TnCFailedToLoad?><?end call?>
<?end otherwise?>
<?end choose?>
<?end template?>
Repeat the When for as many templates you have. This way you have loaded all the T&C to your template. ** Make sure that the T&C - SAMPLE1.rtf has the correct template names defined

Now, in your rtf template do the following
<?end call?>
Where your $urlToPass will be the template name (SAMPLE1) set in your JDE report based on which order type it is.

The catch is that we need to have all he T&C loaded to BI, before choosing which one to print.