Archive/Purge F0911/F03B11


Coexistent B7322/A73.8

We are in the planning/information gathering phase of determining how
to purge the monster F0911 and the A/R and A/P files and still maintain what little integrity we have left.

I have read the knowledge documents on the summarize and purge processes. It looks as if the summarize process will keep you in balance between the F0902 and the F0911. However, the F03B11 to
F0911 by accountid may suffer. We have batches of A/R that have multiple companies within the batch. Some companies have A/R that has
been paid out and some are still open. We are wanting to purge some
of the companies that have completely closed the A/R.

What will this do to the other companies in the batch?
Does it do any good to attempt this if you have open items in these
batches for any of the financials(A/R, A/P)??

Please respond,

Thank you