Address Validation and Address Normalization


We are in process of beginning a project which will require us to validate and normalize address information. I have not found any standard JDEdwards functionality to validate address information (only the rudimentary duplicate address check). Is the functionality there or How are others validating/normalizing address information?

Thank you for any information you can provide.
Typically I see Quick Address from QAS (now owned by Experian) being used. There are batch and online versions available. Neither of the versions are integrated with E1 out of the box but Experian does offer some JDE integration code for a fee. The batch version is easier to integrate in that an extract from the JDE address book can be processed by the QAS batch product and the address updates then processed in JDE via R01010Z. The online quick address integration for JDE is a bit messy. It requires some P01012 screen modifications and relies on some custom Java script that call outs to a custom QAS screen and then returns the validated address into the JDE screen. Both of these approaches could likely be used with other address validation products from vendors like Pitney Bowes, StrikeIron and others. Most vendors in the address validation space offer batch and real-time licenses with the real-time products being either subscription based (in-house) or cloud API with a per lookup cost. There are few providers that offer a free tier API lookup of a few hundred address validations per month. SmartyStreets is one that I have used.