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I am developing a simple report listing F41021 table with level breaks on GLPT and LITM. The tabular format gives me exactly what I need for summary information. Now I would like to extend onhand qty by the unit cost from F4105. Two questions: What BSFN(s) need to be used to get the unit cost, what fields need to be passed, etc. Also where in ER do I put code to get extended costs to print at each level break.

TIA (guess you can tell I'm new to JDE RDA)

OW B733 Cum 2 SP11.3, NT SP6a, SQL 7.0 SP3


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Hi Tim,

Had a quick look at appropriate BSFN's to return unit costs, but I think it is easier in this case to use "Fetch Single" into F4105.
As for the parameters to pass, it depends on your inventory cost level.
Set the index to "Cost Selc, Item No, +D and pass a literal "I" into CSIN. The other parameters to pass are in line with your inv cost level (ie ITM for level 1; ITM & MCU for level 2 and ITM,MCU,LOCN & LOTN for level 3). The parameter to read is UNCS

The Fetch is best called from the Do-section of the level break footer in which you have accumulated the PQOH at item (and Branch???) level. Ensure you have an RV (or VA) which contains the values for ITM, MCU, LOTN and LOCN (either through globel variables or through PV variables (not sure at which cum level/SP this came in in B733).

One last comment is that I believe a columnar or group report is better suited to your needs.

And don't worry about being a novice in RDA. As the saying goes "Practise makes perfect" and even after using the RDA for 4 years I am still learning nearly every day.

Good luck

Sef van den Nieuwelaar
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