Description text column in a tabular report truncating at 24 characters


I have a tabular report in E1 9.1, Microsoft platform.

The report has two "sides" to it, an assets side, and a liabilities side. Format sort of like XXXXXXX 99999.99 99999.99 XXXXXXX 99999.99 99999.99 (not drawn to scale).

The text account description values for the Liabilities side come from a cell override, calculations, where the cell value is equal to a TV text variable set up with the description constant text.

This column is set up to be 40 characters wide, but no matter what I do, I can only get it to display the first 24 characters. I tried resizing columns, making sure columns aren't overlapping, tried concatinating two TX text variables together, tried creating a new column, tried a constant column, a variable column. Nothing works.

I'm guessing this is a lower level issue in the C code bug I'm not sure which functions to look at.

I'm open to any suggestions or if anyone knows of an ESU. I've been searching this site and Oracle as well, but haven't found the right keywords for the search I guess.