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action code sec


I am confused on the action code security.

I have under my "Secured" Address Book P01012 Add-N; Change-N; Delete-N;
Select-Y; Copy N

in short does this mean they CAN select and NOT Add, change, delete etc????

When I added this security, I at first only checked the Select, I thought
that is what it would LET the user do but I find out that it checked
everything Y and Select was N....

I want to make sure this is right cuz I also see P98OWSEC in this particular
group as all Y's ... and that shouldn't be. Unless it means that Y's are
secured out. I'm reading the book... s/a asking my dog.

OW 73.3.2 sp 11.1 Oracle, NT

Dawn L. Detz
2000 Cliff Mine Road Suite 200
Pittsburgh, PA 15275


Dawn, JDE is a little tricky when it comes to changing selections. The
SELECT was probably already in a "Y" state before you checked the box. Then
by REVISING the security you are switching it back to "N" state.

"Y" = user can have access to the action.



Found it... page 567-568 in the JDE OW "The Complete Reference"....

To clairfy "This check box, WHEN CHECKED, tells OW to PREVENT users from

so - check to restrict.
Security in JDE is confusing. In order to specify that someone does not have
security you have to select the action by placing a check mark in the box.
If you don't check off an action, then they will have authority. Just
remember, checked box = N, and unchecked box = Y.

Tom Chmielewski
Sr. Programmer/Analyst
Flair Corp.
Ocala, FL

Tom Chmielewski
Sr. Programmer/Analyst
Flair Corp.
Ocala, Fl