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Access Rules/logic - action+application security


Would someone be able to advise what are the actual logical rules for granting write or read access to an object? (JDE 8.12) we already know that sec 3 (application) Run Y on its own without sec 1 (action) specified grants Read access. Would you know whether for Add Y, Change Y and Copy Y the OK/Select Y is always required so that the action can actually be performed (of course together with sec 3 Run Y, not even mentioning it further on)? Also, if Add, Change and Delete is NNN and Copy and OK is Y, is that combination granting Write access? In the same situation if Copy is Y but OK is N, is that still Write access? We've been told that we need to consider Add, Change, Delete and Copy Y as Write access (each on their own) even without OK Y, because in some applications the OK button is not needed to save the changes for example. I haven't found this info in any JDE security guide I found.. thanks in advance
Please see Oracle docs below for this topic.

Action Security Overview (look at form types impacted by Add/Change modes) > Oracle Support Doc 1100827.1
- Related Support Doc on .ini enhancement > Oracle Support Doc 651082.1

Image Security Overview for impacted apps for this topic such as P95921 > Oracle Support Doc 1382187.1
- Related Bug 10931139 (Button Image Link Security)