Accessing Web Version from a Mac using Windows 10

Cathy Wilbur

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We have a Mac user accessing One World ERP1 using Windows 10. He cannot get access to the thin client (web version) of OW ERP1.
ON Our release he needs to use IE Browser. We have special procedures to access appln from a Mac.

We have MAC clients using Windows 7 with Parallel software installed to run using IE browser without any issues.

But as far as I understand Windows 10 is not yet compatible with IE browser for MAC clients.

This MAC client is not having any success with Windows 10. Not sure if he has Parallel software installed.
We do not have any people to this point using Windows 10 but now with new PC's coming out Windows 10 is being installed.
Does anyone out there have MAC clients on Windows 10 successfully running OW ERP1 on a thin client.
If so would be happy to hear how you set it up.

Attached is our Procedure for MAC users.

We are on OW ERP 8.0 - really old version.

We told our MAC clients the following:

The FIS (FIS is our OW ERP1 system) is ONLY compatible with Internet Explorer. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari will not work with FIS. If you are an Apple user (MacBook, iMac, iPad), you must contact IT services to have the software Parallel installed. This will partition off a part of your hard drive allowing it run in a Windows based environment, and thus allow Internet Explorer to run.


  • FIS - Web Issues - Compatibility with Internet Explorer 11 - Mac Users.pdf
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Cathy - eventually, more and more, you're going to run into this. Support for older browsers and technologies will just disappear - and it will eventually be impossible for you to provision your older JDE properly.

The actual Knowledge Document with this issue is here :

Obviously you can install Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 on the Mac Parallel - and have an older IE still running on his mac. The fact its a mac is not important - the fact is that you're trying to continue with ActiveX controls (hence the reason for IE) - and that IE11 (and more recently IE Edge) will have tremendous issues with the older versions of E1.