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We are converting from a Legacy/World to OneWolrd.In order to get the =
A/R data across, is the Z processor the only viable procedure?.
Once we populate the Z tables thru the Table Conversion (F03B11Z1, are =
there any other Z tables that we need to populate before we run the =
conversion process from the G03B311), will running the Batch Invoice pgm =
from G03B311 populate all the corresponding files?. Do we need to do any =
additional mapping for uploading to the Z tables?.

Please help.



We have just went live with JDE XE and have converted our open AR
balances from our legacy system. The only other 2 tables you need to be
concerned with are the F0911Z1 and the F0911Z1T.

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FW: A/R Conversion

I have never converted from World to OneWorld, but I have converted from
other legacy systems to OneWorld on several occasions.
You use F03B11Z1 *and* F0911Z1 to load invoices. Batch program loads
information to F03B11 and F0911. You still need to post them.
You use F03B13Z1 for open receipts (unapplied cash). Batch program loads
information to F03B13 and F03B14. You need to post them, too.

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The World AR ( system code 03 ) to OneWorld AR ( system 03B ) conversion is about
moving data from the F03 series files to the F03B series files. You then add some
trigger programs which attempt to keep these files concurrent. Another trigger
program is also there to keep the generic text files, the F00161, F00162, F00163 &
F00164 concurrent with the Media Objects file F00165.
The data conversion bit of the process runs from the World menu G0332. The bulk of
the work is done by J0311QD1 and J0311QD2. I suggest you clear the F03B series files
in a test environment and then try the options from this menu to see what they do. If
you ever done the Special Jobs from a World Upgrade this will be deja vu.
The trigger setup is in G97UX2 option 18.
So no Z1 files required. Let me know if you'd like further details.
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This process will only be used if you are going in for a co-exist. In cases
where the conversion is from World/Legacy to OneWorld, the World envrn will
not be present and hence the QD* pgms are not available too.
My question here is then goin thru the Z Table is the only process?.Can
someone outline the detail steps used for using the Z process.I understand
that the F03B11Z1 will be populated and then the Batch Invoice Process will
have to be run. My doubt here is that how are the F03B13 and F03B14

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Re: FW: A/R Conversion

So you need to create custom UBE(s) to load F03B13 and F03B14? And there are no other tables that should be populated? Any surprises? Do you know what the required fields are?