A/P Invalid Posting Edit Code on Speed Voucher Entry



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Not sure where to start on this one we are doing an upgrade from 8.0 to 9.1.4 converison went fine.

We are tryng to do a Speed Voucher Entry and as soon as we enter the header info Customer, Amt, Date and drop down to the Detail section we are getting the message "95000.8050 Posting Edit Code Invalid".

When we enter the same info on the 8.0 system there is no issue.

For the 95000.8050 account the posting edit code is set to "I" for inactive account which is the same as it is on the 8.0 system.

It is giving us this same error on every vendor.

If i set the Post Edit code on that AAI to blank and retry the voucher entry it works without the error.

So what is causing voucher entry to try and look at that AAI even when it was set to Inactive?

It seems you are mixing some terms here and is causing ne a little confusion. You mention account 95000.8050 and then refer to it as an AAI (Automatic Accounting Instruction).

I'll try and work around my confusion. You mention that the Posting Edit code is set to "I" in both the 8.0 and the 9.1.4 systems, but the error only occurs in the 8.0 systems and for every vendor. I would guess that there is an Accounts Payable AAI, that uses account 95000.8050, in the 8.0 system that is not in the 9.1.4 system, that is being picked up by the Speed Voucher Entry.

Do a search in the AAIs for Business Unit 95000 and Object 8050 in the 8.0 system and find the Sequence Number and Item Number and check the 9.1.4 system AAIs for the same Sequence Number and Item Number and you will find that it probably has a different account.

I am also facing this issue. Did you find any solution to this problem? We are doing an upgrade from JDE 8.0 to 9.1.5

When i try to enter a standard voucher and click on OK to continue to GL Distribution screen, we are getting the message "90000069.78040 Posting Edit Code Invalid". This is happening in JDE 9.1 and not occurring in JDE 8.

I understood that it is taking this particular account number from AAI PG for default Company '00000'. But i cannot understand why it needs this AAI as we are not entering a foreign currency transaction.

It might be that GL (F0901) account is configured in one of the AP AAI, possibly Discounts since it appears to be a P&L account based upon its enumeration. You can enter the business unit and obj in the qbe grid of P0012 and identify where the account appears as it may be called by the application and hence the "I" may throw off an error.

There are certain AAIs the system validates during voucher entry regardless of whether they will actually be used. PG / PL are two of them, along with the discounts mentioned above. Change these to valid account combinations and you should be good to go.
If you have further difficulty please send me an email and I will be happy to assist.