A difference between JDEPLAN and DEPB733


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Currently we have a set of Central Objects stored in SQL Server on the
Deployment Server and a second set on the Enterprise Server. The theory
was to decommission the SQL set and just use the AS400 set but package
builds take 3 days to eventually fall over with a memory violation.
So today, we pointed the CRP Pathcode to CRP Central Objects on SQL when
signed on to the JDEPLAN environment. The ESU worked fine as did a
package built from the DEPB733 environment. But the ESU didn't fix the
application bug. I changed the CRP pathcode to Central Objects on SQL
from my Client workstation and was able to check out the corrected
object. This could be broken by deploying the fix package made from the
DEPB733 environment.
So it appears that JDEPLAN uses Pathcode Master in its Access mdb but
DEPB733 like every other environment uses the one in System.
This is quite important to us as we may end up with a set of package
build environments ( with CO on SQL ) and a set of run time environments
( with CO on the AS400 ) and maintenance overhead for version RDA specs.

Any comments?
Robert Fletcher
AS400 V4R4, 7332 SP15.1, Citrix & JAS.
Hi there,

JDEPLAN is a bootstrap environment for the Deployment server. It exists so that the install/upgrade/ESU processes can run with the information in the jdeplan.mdb alone.

If you look in your JDE.INI file on the deployment server, you will notice that in the [DB SYSTEM SETTINGS] section "Base Datasource" is set to "OneWorld Planner - B7333". This means that on startup, the deployment server is looking to the jdeplan.mdb for configuration information. This configuration information includes OCM and the path code master.

In the case of JDEPLAN, the OCM in jdeplan.mdb points F00942 to "OneWorld Planner - B7333". DEPB7333, on the other hand points it to system. This is one of many differences between these two environments.

You need to fix your jdeplan.mdb Pathcode master (F00942) to point to the correct location for your central obects (i.e. SQL server).

Then re-apply the ESU from the Software Updates menu item. Don't just redo the spec merge, there are critical steps that occur during the Software Update Environment step that rely on the correct Central Objects value that you will set up above.

Email me if you have additional questions or concerns.


I read twice through your posting and still can't figure out your actual question?!
From what I understood: yes, JDEPLAN has it's own Datasource, Pathcode, Environment, OCM definitons, stored in the One World - Planner Datasource.
DEPB733 is using the above from the System Datasource. You should have the same settings in both when you apply an ESU. System actually gets installed from the planner datasource.

If your package build takes 3 days you should call R/L in Denver to get that fixed and then get rid of one of your duplicated pathcodes. I do not know AS/400 too well to help you on that. Maybe s.o. else on the LIST can...

Good luck, Gerd

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Hi Rob,

Try regenerating the indexes for your Central Object tables on the AS/400 - this may improve the spec-build performance....


Lee Walters
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Thanks alot
Robert Fletche
AS400 V4R4, 7332 SP15.1

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