E9.2 9.1 to 64bit Code Current AS400 upgrade


Has anyone done the upgrade to code current 64 bit install? It is a totally new type of install for the Enterprise Server applications and database. Server Manager Console must be used. We are looking for anyone who has had success with this upgrade, and would like to discuss any issues in doing the simplified upgrade using this current version of 9.2.
There can be a lot of variables depending on your current 9.1 status. We are now live on tools running 64 bit tools on Wintel servers with SQL Server, jumping from 9.1 apps/9.2.4.x tools on the iSeries. We first updated tools to 9.2.4.x (32 bit) while on 9.1 apps months earlier, but weren't particularly code-currrent and have a lot of custom code. So there was a fair amount of retrofit required. You might do well to have the assistance of consultants that have the CNC skills and experience to guide your way. Good luck!
Upgraded a customer from 9.2.5 to on As/400. Simplified upgrade and 64bit converted.
To be honest, I hurried thru the last response.
Are you ( @jitney12 ) looking for a net new install? Then you do not need a simplified upgrade. Install 9.2 base, Then update 5 / 6 and run a 64bit conversion using the ASI and the regular tools upgrade process.
If you are upgrading from 9.1, then the simplified upgrade comes into play. You first need to run the impacy analysis against the object manifest. But then the object manifest is not necessarily reflect the current retrofit effort since they do not consider the UN5 / Update 6 object, so that needs to be done manually.