1. E9.2 P98LPSEC - All user records change frequency changed to 60

    We had security team change a change frequency on one JDE account and after they saved. All of the JDE accounts change frequencies where changed to 60 days. This has occurred twice this year so far. We are on Tools Release v. Has anyone come across this?
  2. santismf

    E9.2 Granting Security to Business Function

    Dears, This is my first post, so please let me know if I'm asking this on the wrong forum! So I'm being asked by a functional user to create a role that grant full access to specific business functions (these start with an N*) and also they provided me with 5 tables in which they need to...
  3. E9.2 Question regarding Rough Cut (Fine Cut)

    Hi there! I am not able to find anything regarding what Rough Cut regarding security and how it affect user/task security. Can anyone brief me a bit about it? Thank you in advance!!
  4. E9.2 Rough Cut in 9.2

    Hi there! I'm new to JD Edwards world. Can anyone explain me what Rough Cut stands for and its practical use? It is available on JDE 9.2? I can't find an explanation in the web or neither this forum. Thanks in advance!!
  5. E9.2 how to secure PDF output

    is there a way to secure a specific report PDF output from other users except for the one running the UBE. We do NOT want to lock down on the USER column in P986110B (job submit application) via column security. We still do want users to be able to see each others output for the most part.
  6. E9.1 Needing Full client 11G db Patches

    Hi List - Am seeking patches for Oracle 11g db due to security scan showing threats possible. Any awareness where those lie at and recommended ones for that release? Then can I get it to a higher release likely? Thanks!
  7. EnterpriseOne Security Violation [9.2]

    Got a user that gets an email saying "EnterpriseOne Security Violation for R42750" when creating Sales Orders and doing another standard activities for his role. No one else under the same role or profile set up is experiencing this, it started quite recently. Doesn't actually look security...
  8. Olivia_Terrell

    Just curious.. How does everyone else test their security roles?

    I would love to find a way to actually be able to create test security roles and promote them in DEV to PY before getting them into PROD. Just curious--how does everyone else do it? Or does everyone just create a test role (like I do) and then copy the permissions from it onto the final...
  9. Global Password Policy

    Hi, I apologize for the stupid question but I'm a newbie to JDE and I've searched high and low but can't find an answer to this. We're currently on JD Edwards 9.0 and we're trying to implement a complex password policy. I can get to and change the settings on the global password policy screen...
  10. how to secure Form/Row in application

    Hi to all, I`m quite new in JDE world, so i need your help in security. I need to secure Form/Row for few application e.g. P01012, P04012 etc. I try to do it via P00950 but no success. Can you please help me? Thanks in advance.
  11. BI Publisher Permissions not working

    I have installed a new 9.2 instance and now configuring BI Publisher server. I have everything configured but when I go to add the permissions for BIAuthor to the boilerplates the permissions window never opens. Has anyone else experienced this? I have an SR open with Oracle. Windows 2012 R2...
  12. Mobile Application Security

    So this is driving me crazy and its probably something simple I am missing, but we are trying to get the Expense Management - Mobile Expense Entry app to work (M09E021) in EnterpriseOne - based on the User we are testing with I have narrowed down the issue to being security related as if I place...
  13. Custom Application and * Public Security

    HI We have created a custom application and we wont to secure it so that no Users should access it ,except one super user or JDEADMIN when the requirement came to me i just went to p00950 and applied Application and action security to * Public as all values as N I have refreshed the cache...
  14. Mobile and Media Objects and Security

    Hi JDEList, I have a few theoretical questions about mobile and not sure who best to ask. We did put in an SR but can’t believe the answer so hoping that someone can tell me that it isn’t true. Background: - We are about to implement invoices stored as pdfs on sharepoint - We will automate...
  15. ReconfigureMSDE.exe could not start the service OracleE1LocalTNSListener

    I am getting the "Unable to locate the Security Server" message after the password expired at the 6 month anniversary. JDE.log contains the following. 2292/3232 MAIN_THREAD Wed Jan 27 14:30:25.244000 Jdb_ctl.c4187 Starting OneWorld 2292/3232 MAIN_THREAD Wed Jan 27 14:30:28.432000...
  16. QSoft installation on Windows Server 2012 R2

    Hi All, Is it possible to implement QSoft V5.2 on a Microsoft Server 2012 R2. We have currently installed E910 and everything works fine on this FAT machine. We have a Oracle 12c Database installed as a local database. We have tried to install QSoft V5.2 but it does not act as it should. In...
  17. alfredorz

    Validate User & Password (2)

    Hi guys, Before this thread I wrote a new post but I don't view it, I don't know if lost :( if finally appears I'll remove this post. I need a API/BSFN for validate user & password, you know if exists? o how can implement this? Thanks! Regards. Original post...
  18. Use Role Security to control G/L Access

    I want to use ROLE security to control access to companies in the G/L. Essentially, I have a ROLE that I will apply ROW security to restricting access to ONLY one company. I will then assign this ROLE to all users in that company. This should restrict that user to only being able to see/edit...
  19. Oracle Entitlement Server: Integration with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

    We're in the beginning phases of defining a technical architecture for a JDE EnterpriseOne (version 9.1) installation. This installation will form the backbone of our IT strategy moving forward. Thus, I'm very new to this application, and I hope this question isn't too elementary. The Oracle...