QSoft installation on Windows Server 2012 R2


Hi All,

Is it possible to implement QSoft V5.2 on a Microsoft Server 2012 R2.
We have currently installed E910 and everything works fine on this FAT machine.

We have a Oracle 12c Database installed as a local database.

We have tried to install QSoft V5.2 but it does not act as it should.
In the middle of importing the objects, the screen disappears.
Upon looking up on OMW the project appears with all objects checked in under it and while building these objects no errors too but while accessing design menu from OMW no data is displayed under any of the tables either.

The QSoft installation guide does say that it is supported upto Win 7 but after having a word with QSoft they say that Win 8 is also supported.

Anyone tried to install the same on a server class machine.

Any help is appreciated.

Rakesh Teja