Use Role Security to control G/L Access


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I want to use ROLE security to control access to companies in the G/L. Essentially, I have a ROLE that I will apply ROW security to restricting access to ONLY one company.

I will then assign this ROLE to all users in that company. This should restrict that user to only being able to see/edit their own company information.

Now, since this is a ROLE, I will need to assign it to the users, but at login they have the ability to select a specific role, or to deselect a role!

What I would like to do is assign this role to the users and then HIDE the ROLE so it CANNOT be deselected.

I would suggest 1 role per user, as JDE doesn't deal with multiple roles very well.
If you want to create very narrow roles and assign multiple roles based on companies and duties, then merge the roles for the users, or use a 3rd party tool (Allout Security I think) that will allow you to create a merged role based on the roles you select.

That way, they can only choose one, can't deselect it, selecting *ALL is the same thing.
We use multiple roles with users without any issues. you just need to understand the role sequencing and watch for explicit denies.

We only use *ALL, deny all security and play all roles.