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    N/A Net Sales Table/Column

    Hi all, Sorry if this is a very basic/silly question. The Goal I'm looking (in the JDE 910 Schema) for either: A table and column corresponding to Net Sales for items sold; OR (if a single Net Sales column does not exist) Tables or columns that would contribute to the calculation of Net...
  2. M

    Restricting Commitment Splitting - R42520

    We are using R42520 to allocate lots to Sales orders line type S. We have set Item Branch Commitment Date Method to 1 as we want to use oldest lots first. Our product is such that we never want to mix lots, but are happy to pick the same lot from multiple locations. Is there a way we can set...
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    Sales by SKU - Need sales information for bi-annual bank audit

    Hi All, I've nearly gone blind looking at Sales reports that might meet this need... a copy of the excel report currently being used is attached. Can anyone suggest a Sales Report that shows: 1- Sales Amounts (by $$$, not qty) broken down by by SKU 2- with Monthly totals 3- with YTD totals 4-...
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    Discount % - Cash Discount F4211.CADC

    Hello, Has anyone used this field in the F4211? We are considering usage of this field for manually calculate discounts at the line level in the P421002. So an example may be...... P421002 Grid: Item: QTY: Price: Discount%(CADC): Discounted Price: Extended...
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    Sales Transfer/Inter company

    Hope someone can help with this tricky situation We are using ST/OT to perform a transfer between two companies. The companies are in different countries and require a markup. The client wants the Inventory to remain valued at the original inventory amount. I need help to make the COGS and...
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    SO Detail Revision Issue

    Hello all, I´m having an issue with JDE, I want to cancel an order but I can´t find any information when I see the datail of the order but I can see the detail of the information in the SO Detail Legder FIle. I was thinking that could be a data integrity issue but it is not. I hope that...
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    Reverse Blanket Order Release P420111

    Has anyone had success reversing a sales order blanket release quantity in any JDE OneWorld? If yes, please share details of setup, etc. Testing in E9.0 - After a blanket order has been partially released (example, qty 5 released, qty 5 remain), it is desired to do a negative release...