N/A Net Sales Table/Column


Hi all,

Sorry if this is a very basic/silly question.

The Goal

I'm looking (in the JDE 910 Schema) for either:
  1. A table and column corresponding to Net Sales for items sold; OR (if a single Net Sales column does not exist)
  2. Tables or columns that would contribute to the calculation of Net Sales.
Attempted Solution

I've been unable to find anything that directly corresponds to a 'Net Sales' column in www.jderef.com. So I suppose I need to follow the approach in (2) and calculate this field?


[Net Sales] = [Gross Sales] - [Item Returns] - [Item Allowances] - [Item Discounts]

I set out to try and find columns corresponding to everything in the right hand side of the equation.

These are my results thus far:
  • Gross Sales: F4201.SHOTOT
  • Item Returns: F0029.TFSRET (I'm not sure about this one.)
  • Discounts: F4201.SHTRDC
  • Allowances: (I couldn't find anything unfortunately.)
  • Rebates: F4078.RHRBAM or F4079.RHRBPA
I'm not overly confident in my approach here. I would be very grateful if somebody could point me towards the correct table(s)/column(s) for Net Sales.

All the best,
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