SO Detail Revision Issue


Hello all,

I´m having an issue with JDE, I want to cancel an order but I can´t find any information when I see the datail of the order but I can see the detail of the information in the SO Detail Legder FIle. I was thinking that could be a data integrity issue but it is not.

I hope that someone could help me to figurate why of this.


Hi Isabel!
It is possible that the line is closed and in status "999" already
If you use customer service inquiry to view the order lines, check the processing options, the processing options may have been set to hide closed lines
If you use databrowser/UTB and cannot see the line in F4211 SO detail table, try inquiring on F42119 SO detail history. The line may have been closed and purdged to history

Hope this helps
Check in Databrowser F4211 with Order number, type & company. & check order Status.

If you can see in F4201 & not in F4211 with Order number, type & company than only data integrity issue can be said.

The order is not closed I create with status 520|540. I have checked the tables F42199,F4211, F4201 and the information is there.

I was thinking that is a data integrity issue but they said there is not.

I need cancel this order but I don´t know another way to do it.

Best Regards.
If someone have an issue similar I solve writing the detail manually after that the I could see the order in the header and detail. To delete i just ask someone else. :)