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Reverse Blanket Order Release P420111


Has anyone had success reversing a sales order blanket release quantity in any JDE OneWorld? If yes, please share details of setup, etc. Testing in E9.0 - After a blanket order has been partially released (example, qty 5 released, qty 5 remain), it is desired to do a negative release (example qty -1, now increasing the remaining to be released to qty 6). Attempted this with the original P420111 setup using order type / line type = SO / S. Result: receive "Overshipment not allowed" error message and no change results. Attempted with CO / C (credit order with C line type which is set to reverse the qty sign). Result: Appears to decrement the blanket qty, no CO created, blanket quantity not changed when viewed later.
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I think this should be possible by cancelling the SO generated on relasing the blanket quantity. That should add the released quantity back to the blanket order.