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JDE Development Across broadband / VPN connection (as of 2019)


I know this question gets asked periodically but technology does change so I guess I am wanting an answer as of 2019.

Is it possible to do occasional JDE Development across a fast broadband connection (say min 200Mbps down, 20ish up)? I am looking to buy new workstations for my JDE Developers and trying to decide between Laptops and Desktops. JDE Development isn't the only factor in the decision but it is one of them. Most of the time developers would be developing on local LAN but occasionally may work remotely across a broadband/vpn connection. And yes, I am well aware of VMs and that may play a part in the over all solution.

I am strictly wondering if JDE Dev, at the end of 2019 (not 2001), is finally viable across a fast broadband connection?
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"viable" depends on how patient your developer is :). I have seen two issues:

* VPN slows down your connection no matter how fast your broadband/ISP is
* JDE fat client is significantly slower than what you get with LAN.

For small changes, I can live with the slowness. For everything else, I fire up my cloud workstation and work from there.



I've been using a fat vm to develop and do admin for years. When I work from home (whether using a laptop from work or using my own computer) I VPN in to work to the fat vm. I don't have any trouble using an internet speed considerably less than 200Mbps.
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I also think you're better of VPN'ing into a network and using a workstation/development client (VM or not) there. RDP oder whatever other protocol you use is way more stable than an old *DBC connection over the WAN with VPN.


Thanks for the feedback.

We have two separate JDE instances in our organization. In one JDE instance the Dev Client is primarily installed on Bare Metal Desktops, the other is only on VMs (Hyper-V). We RDP to both so RDP is a known commodity and works fine. I do think the development experience is slightly degraded via RDP - multi-monitor is not as fully functional over RDP, yes you can stretch the desktop across both displays but..., also I find that the fidelity/precision of mouse movements/clicks, etc. in things like FDA/RDA are not quite as crisp as when using a bare metal development PC. Also, our VMs on the Hyper-V are sized pretty decently but are still slower in a lot of areas when compared to our bare metal workstations.

I really DONT want to invest in desktops. Most of the time our developers are on-prem but one day a week work remotely from home. All have a fast broadband connection. I am really just trying to figure out if we take a laptop home and try and do JDE dev across a broadband/vpn connection if that will even work or if we pretty much have to have the JDE Dev Client on the local LAN and RDP is our only option for remote work.
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