Old JDE License SPC Self-Generator has a Maximum Future License Date of 6-30-2019


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Hello Fellow CNC-ers

I have a client on an old release of Oracle/JDEwards (PSFT 810) and their Deployment Server and workstation local licenses expired.

I am trying to reset them using the OLD Software Protection Code Generator but the maximum license date the self generator will extend
to is June 30 2019.

Crazy but I guess they thought they'd come up with another solution in a few years or that (naively) everyone who ever used JDE before
would have upgraded to newer releases?

No. Plenty of people still have OLD releases of JDE on their servers, in my case used as an Archive system.

Short of calling Oracle because the JDE customer is NOT on support, does anyone know if there is a more updated version of the SPC self-generator
or some other means of resetting the licenses so they can sign in and use JDE again?

Thank you
Joe Tirado
JDE System Administrator


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By the way..this document/information below on Oracle's website is OBSOLETE -- since as I said the generator won't generate future dates past 6-30-19

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne: Software Protection Codes
Warning: Access to or possession of a license key, code, file, etc. which unlocks or enables a software product is not a grant of entitlement . Your license agreement with Oracle provides the terms governing your use of Oracle’s products. Please ensure you are using the products in accordance with your license agreement.

Software Protection Code Self-Service Generator

Simplify your installation of Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications with our new self-service tool for generating Software Protection Codes, the SPC Self-Service Generator (.exe file, 48 Kb). This tool will enable you to obtain a new Software Protection Code through the convenience of self-service. You may generate codes for releases XE SP17.1 and later, ERP8.0, EnterpriseOne 8.9/8.10/8.11/8.12. If you are currently using an earlier release such as B73.3.2 and earlier, please contact My Oracle Support for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne products.

NOTE: If you are on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne release 9.0 or above, you do not need to generate a new SPC as they are no longer a requirement.

The new SPC Self-Service Generator is efficient and easy to use. Just follow these instructions to reset the licenses on the E1 deployment server:

On either a fat client or the deployment server (either one will work), sign on to E1.
Run P98SRV (Reset EnterpriseOne Security)
Click "Reset Server Security."
Note the Release Level and Serial Number. Be sure to distinguish between similar characters and numbers (for example, o ("oh") and 0 (zero)).
Do not close this screen until you have completed this procedure.
Download the program SPCSelfService.exe (48 Kb) to a computer running a version of the Windows operating system.
Run the downloaded program.
In the downloaded program (SPCSelfService.exe), select the Release Level and enter the Serial Number from step 4.
If the Release Level is 3 or 4, turn on the checkbox next to "ALL" in the Licensed Suites section.
Enter any number between 1 and 99999 for the number of licenses. A number above 5000 will cause E1 to run slowly in some instances, so limit the number of licenses to 5000 if possible.
Click the "OK" button.
Note the SPC codes.
Back in E1 in the Reset Server Security screen, enter the Number of Licenses, Expiration Date, and SPC codes displayed in the SPCSelfService program.
Click "OK".
The E1 licenses have been reset. Exit the application and close the SPCSelfService program.
After the Server Security Codes are reset, users will need to reset their security codes on each fat client, which can be done using the "Get Auth" button in the "Reset Client Security" screen.


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Thank you TFZ...the simple solution of adding the line below to the JDE.INI on every full client that runs JDE worked.

[DB SYSTEM SETTINGS] add to this section of the jde.ini file on the Deployment Server: