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Excel Plugin for BI Publisher

Is anyone using the Excel plugin for BI Publisher? I created an excel template (as opposed to RTF) a while back, but it seems super buggy. I can get the template 90% done, but if I try to add a new field, it will not update the new field in the field browser. Is anyone else trying to use this and are you having similar issues?

I had developed this using an RTF template and then specified Excel as the output, but when BIP attached this to an email, the file was prohibitively large (21MB). The excel file is much smaller (less than 2MB), but I cannot get this tool to work consistently.

Any help or comments would be appreciated. Thank you.
I have been using it and needless to say works perfectly fine for me. You need to make sure you redo the table scope whenever you add new column. Plus you can always test it locally for such issues.
Abhishek, what do you mean by redo the table scope? Are you talking about the repeating group? If I remove the repeating group and preview, all of the columns clearly pull in all the values from the XML for that XML tag, whereas one of the columns only pulls in the first value. So, when I add the repeating group, that columns has the same value for every row. I cannot seem to get this situation to correct itself now matter how many times I remove the column and re-create it.
What is meant by "table scope"?

I have a single column that will not repeat. It only displays the same value for all rows (first value in the XML). I have tried removing the repeating group and re-creating this column and then re-creating the repeating group several times. Something is wrong when I add the field value, because if I preview it without the repeating group, all the other columns contain all the values in the XML for their tag and this one only contains the first value. It's like it won't see the rest of the values for this XML tag.