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Thread: OMW Failing

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    OMW Failing

    Hi List,

    We are on Release B7334, Service Pack 23, Rev 8. (No, we can't upgrade.)

    Our OMW is generating an error when we try to perform Advanced Gets from our Production Environment to our Development Environment. The error is “Error: Incompatible Releases”. This is a mystery because we have just one version of OneWorld loaded. Additionally, the message appears no matter which object is attempted through Advanced Get.

    Compounding matters is that when a source was brought down from our Prod environment to our Dev environment, the specs were subtly hosed. Also, we are unable to view source (specs) in our CRP environment. (Not trying to change them; just verifying what was/was not advanced to that environment.)

    Has anyone ever encountered anything like this? If so, how do we fix it?


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    Re: OMW Failing

    This KB article has some info:
    E1: OMW: Getting Error Incompatible Releases of OneWorld at Check-in in OMW (Doc ID 627590.1)
    E1 8.12, Tools
    WLS 11G, Win/SQL 2K8 R2

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    Re: OMW Failing


    Thanks! I forwarded the information to our CNC team and they are looking into it. I will post an update regardless of the outcome.


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    Re: OMW Failing

    Just to close out this thread, it was a combination of issues affecting our iSeries that needed to be addressed by our CNC consultants. Unfortunately, I was not part of the actual corrective effort, so my knowledge as to what was done is not complete. I will see if I can get a better description of the corrective actions taken by our CNC consultants and post them.

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