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Thread: Help me to find the way

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    Help me to find the way

    Hello everyone.

    I'm from Brazil and I've joined in a company and this company uses the JD Edwards.
    My activities in this company will be to provide support for JDE's users and consulting. But I don't know much about JD Edwards and I need your help to find a way to learn JD Edwards and practice.
    I need to find documentation, books and other source of information about JDE.
    Could you help me to find the way ??

    Thanks a lot for everyone.


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    Re: Help me to find the way


    If you don't have any of the JDE manuals you can download the applicable ones from the Oracle site. In the My Oracle Support area of Oracle's site, you should be be able to create an account. There are tutorials on using the site. There is something similar to JDEList there that is called the Community. You can search in the Knowledge area.

    I would expect your company to train you. If not, you might see what is available from Andy Klee's JDEtips University. If your company has a training environment, you should practice in it.


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    Re: Help me to find the way

    You may access the oracle website for the JDE,there have more information regarding the JDE .


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    Taxes (ICMS/IPI/PIS/COFINS) are recoverable and can you please let me know, how E1 should make accounts for this taxes.


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    I will be help you, you have access the oracle website for the JDE, there have more information available about the JDE. I think may be helpful one just one time try.

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