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Thread: QBUILD Security Software for ERP 8.0

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    QBUILD Security Software for ERP 8.0

    Is anyone using QBUILD for JDE ERP 8.0 security setup? We are considering as we approach "go-live".

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    Re: QBUILD Security Software for ERP 8.0

    great tool (Version 2.03 or Greater), if you can have a dedicated security officer. Really helpful for SOX...
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    Re: QBUILD Security Software for ERP 8.0

    We bought it earlier this year. We balked at spending the money - considered writing our own security front-end - but in the end we bought it to accelerate our Sarbanes-Oxley compliance effort. It's a nice product and saves lots of time. We created some nice reports for the auditors that cut down on their billable time.

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    Re: QBUILD Security Software for ERP 8.0

    Please checkout our Discovery service from Its designed to work with multiple roles. We believe it is the best (and certainly cheapest) solution on the market.
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    My recommendation is this ERP. It's developed in Romania, so the quality-price ratio is really good.
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