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Thread: Fake Check In

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    Fake Check In

    This thread has a number of suggestions on Fake check in procedures:

    Q: I need to do a fake check-in. We have old code on a machine that needs to be checked in. I know this was a trick in the OL but can you do this with OMW.

    Please Help

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    RE: Fake Check In

    Check out an Object in a Project (on the machine that you want to make the
    fake check out) and
    then update with native sql the object name in file F98222 with the object
    you want to have as checked out

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    Re: Fake Check In

    Regardless of what anyone else might suggest, your best bet is to add a DEVSAVE environment. Once you have one you can save your code to it, check the object out from the Development environment, restore from the DEVSAVE location and then check it back into Development. Call GSS (Global Support Services) for documentation on setting up the DEVSAVE environment.

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    Re: Fake Check In

    Hi Jab,

    Yes, you can do it in OMW of XE too. Hope, it is a good news. Let's see the steps:

    1.) Setup a save location if you haven't any yet and in this case setup the required ODBC data source for the new data source on your client too.
    2.) Save your object to the Save Location with the Save function of OMW.
    3.) Check-Out the object to obtain the token.
    4.) Restore your object from the Save Location with the Restore function of OMW.
    5.) You have the token and the old object on your machine, so you are ready to Chek-In it.

    Good luck,


    P.S.: If you just now start to use Save Location then first test Save/Restore with other objects to prevent to lose your old object if any problem exists.

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    RE: Fake Check In

    One additional comment -- If you don't have a save location set up, there is always a last resort.... to enable OL in your ini file (see your CNC or AT person to accomplish this - it is also on KG) and type in your "checked out" record and then check it in. This is a forced or fake check out and then checking in via OL.

    BTW, I have intentionally explained this at a high level because if you haven't done this before, I recommend you sit with someone who has done this before instead of things going awry and having a worse mess.

    Ben again

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