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Thread: E1Menu.maf page cannot be found

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    E1Menu.maf page cannot be found

    Hi All,
    anyone has an idea why Forbidden page is appearing after you attempt to log-out from the webserver?
    basically this error start happenning right after I switched to 8.96 tools release on my PY webserver while my production server is ok and running on previous release of 8.95 but they are both installed and running from the same box.

    Error shown on screen as bellow:

    You don't have permission to access /jde-web1:83/jde/E1Menu.maf on this sever.
    IBM_HTTP_Server/ Apache/2.0.47 (Win32) Server at jde-web1 Port 83...

    E1 8.9
    SQL Server
    Tools 8.96

    this is happenning?

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    Re: E1Menu.maf page cannot be found


    It sounds(reads) like a web server operating system security permissions problem. I'm not sure of the details and I'm not familiar with SQL Server, however it could be that the user id that an important service is running with on the web server does not have the access required.

    I'm only guessing and I could easily be wrong, but it is something you could investigate.
    Thanks, Peter

    "Give a person a fish, feed them for a day, teach them how to fish, feed them for a lifetime."

    E9.1 TR9.1.2.1, Enterprise Server: Sun, Database Server: Sun, Oracle DB: 11g, Weblogic.
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    Re: E1Menu.maf page cannot be found

    I agree with Peter. The problem is the security on the folders. When you installed 8.96, any 8.95 folders that existed were replaced. It is possible that you had different profiles on them or different security within the profiles.
    Wayne Kaauamo, Texas, USA
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    Re: E1Menu.maf page cannot be found

    I have same problem with SignOut.
    Did you resolve this issue?
    I think that problem is in incorrect formed URL:
    instead of following URL:
    <font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>http://jdetest:81/jde/E1Menu.maf?jde..._MAFLET=E1Menu
    </pre><hr /> which works correctly
    in browser present
    <font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>http://jdetest:81/jdetest:81/jde/E1M..._MAFLET=E1Menu
    </pre><hr /> and in access.log of web server following message appears
    <font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre> 10.0.X.X - - [01/Mar/2007:10:12:26 +0200] "GET /jde/E1Menu.maf?jdeLoginAction=LOGOUT&jdemafjasFrom=Lau ncher&jdemafjasLauncher=M
    afletContainer&RENDER_MAFLET=E1Menu HTTP/1.1" 200 175 - - [01/Mar/2007:10:12:26 +0200] "GET /jdetest:81/jde/E1Menu.maf?jdeLoginAction=LOGOUT&RENDER_MAFLET=E1M enu HTTP/1.1" 403 235 </pre><hr />

    where /jdetest:81/jde/E1Menu.maf incorrect (as I think).

    Best Regards,

    - Oracle 10g
    - E1 8.10 (8.95O1)

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    Re: E1Menu.maf page cannot be found


    I have had the same issue and reported it to Oracle GSS.

    The problem lies mainly with those of us that had the audacity to start our server names with jde (i.e. jdeweb)

    This is fixed in Tools Release 8.96.H1 (in my case).

    (site = E811, Windows 2003, SQL Server 2000, Oracle OAS 10g, SQL Server 2005 JDBC Drivers, TR 8.96.D1)

    We will be applying the tools release this weekend as the biggest issue for us is that the sessions stay active (until the session timeout period expires) and this means that users have multiple sessions if they log back in before the previous session expires taking up valuable resources.

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    Re: E1Menu.maf page cannot be found

    Thanks for all your replies,
    I was off the site for a while but as Terry said this was one of the bugs from 8.96G along with bunch of others which is resolved now in H1 release.

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