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Well yes and no. If you have tested in DEV and CRP you really want to see
those Objects in PROD, not a newly created object as a result of a new merge
- after all you have just debugged any failed merges, reapplied
modifications to merged objects and lots of other bits and pieces to make
sure that CRP is doing exactly what you expect it to do. Can you really
afford to take the risk of having different, untested objects in PROD?

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You seem to have a good knowledgebase regarding OMW & ESU issues... Where
did you get it? I am still looking for good documentation on the MOD vs.
ESU topic... I know what gets wiped out and what remains during a software
update... but I haven't found any good JDE documentation...

Yes, Many of the list folk have pointed me to small areas... but nothing
that focuses on the process of how to incorporate MODs in the ESU process...

Any Pointers?

Feel free to change the Subject - to something more pertinent to the topic,
if you desire.

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Re: RE: Xe Update -2

Carl, I think I'm thinking along the lines you are. It would seem to me that if I was going to do the install to PY and PD, then the safe thing to do would be to pull the entire PD back to PY first. Like you, I am concerned about PD not really being the exact same think I've tested in PY.

Furthermore, JDE created OMW for exactly this reason (the migration of objects up through the environments). Then they tell me they don't recommend using it in this case because there are over 3000 objects in this project. I have a little problem with them telling me they're giving me all this complexity (of objects and environments) for version control, etc. - but then oops, their software isn't bug-free enough to handle its own complexity. What is up with that??

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With all the discussion on update 2, I would like clarification. I understand that updates, as in update 2, are optional. For example, if we apply update 2 with ESUs through April 10th, we could lose the ESUs dated later that we have already applied.

So ...
1. Why would we apply update 2?
2. What are the issues if we do not?
3. How does this impact our custom mods? It appears from the comments that the update 2 process is not the same as the typical ESU install.
4. Last, but not least, I understand that an update creates a new pristine. Correct?

Thanks for any help.

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firstly and Update is just a very big ESU.

It does not over right subsequent ESU's which have already been applied.
The answers to the questions really depend on if you are live or still

1) If live - no reason at all - you have already applied any ESUs which
apply to your environment. Remember Update 2 touches all parts of the system
so you would have to do a full test. If you are in Test only, then depending
how far you have got through this depends on whether it is worth while.

If you are a new installation, go for it, it may fix some Bugs, but you will
still find plenty in Testing, some will have ESUs and some will be all new!!

2) If you are live, there should be no issues, just apply individual ESUs as

3) Custom Mods are affect in the same way as with an ESU, if they are code
55, totally new objects, they are not affected, if they are standard JDE
objects then they will be replaced or merged as with any ESU. Obviously if
you call Business Functions and theses have changed then you will see some

4) An Update only creates a new Pristine if you apply it to the JD7333
environment, otherwise Pristine is just as you left it, however it might be
a good idea to apply it to Pristine, as then when JDE ask you to prove a
Object is full of bugs by running it in Pristine you will be running the
Update 2 version, not some older version.

So in summary - if you are live and do not have any major issues which are
addressed by Upgrade 2, do what JDE suggest - ie nothing.

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ASUs, like ESUs, are not *supposed* to replace anything with JDE mod dates later than the change being applied, so, no, you *shouldn't* lose later ESUs applied against the same objects.

The *'s are because I've yet to develop total trust in these processes.


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