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Help me where you can.

Currently I am part of a core team to move much of our company to XE. We
have some groups that are 'pre-XE' implementations and I have been trained
in Foundations, Tools I/II and in Report Writer. I have not had any
specific XE training - though our consultants have explained changes.

I desire to take the Interoperability and the Workflow courses for XE, but
the prereqs require XE Tools - I have taken the previous version's tools...

Quandary! Is there a JDE Trainer out there that can speak for JDE TC and
let me know the real requirements? Do I have to retake the tools? Do I
have to attend some sort of Net Change? What is the path I 'really' need to

YES! I did call the training folks - and they said they'd get back to me...
That was Monday. If I hear from them in the near future, I'll update this

Again, help me where you can.

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The following paragraph is extracted from the JDEdwards' OW Xe Change Management & Object Mgmt. Workbench training class confirmation (hope it may be of some help):
"... PREREQUISITES: Please take note of any and all prerequisites listed for this course. Course prerequisites are established by JDEdwards to help ensure our clients receive the intended benefit from classes; thus JDEdwards will not bear responsibility for any dissatisfaction issues related to course content if the student has not met prerequisites. Additionally, for those not having met the prerequisites, as a courtesy to other students and instructors, we ask that you hold any questions on material covered in prerequisite courses."

Adrian Chimirel
PS I am interested in the Xe NetChange & Interoperability courses, too.

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Yeah, I read that too... But is it reasonable to expect clients, consultants
and developers to retake all the coursed they covered in the previous
version... I really don't want to get into the politic issues (like class
disruption, etc).

The prereqs do require XE tools to have been completed... but how many of us
are going to retake all the tools again? Shouldn't there be a prereq that
says 'or previous version tools and the net change....'... or something and
the like?

My two cents don't really go a long way... but my company would probably say
a big NADA if I suggested retaking all the courses they have sent me too...

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The XE release had only the following major changes: Property Management, Service Billing, HRM modules were heavily modified or released; Change control (Object Management Workbench) for development was rewritten; 90% of all input screens were fully web enabled.
There were other minor enhancements to individual modules, but these are typically covered in the Net Change class.

As with all JDE classes, they assume those attending training have not had any experience with using the software. The prerequisites are set to help avoid numerous questions about functionality by novices.

If you are comfortable with your knowledge set forth by the prerequisites, take the class but limit your classroom questions to the subject being taught. If you have a questions about a new feature that the instructors say was covered in a prerequisite class, wite it down and ask the question during breaks or after class.

Reviewing the net change manuals and taking the net change classes offered have typically answered my release questions. When they have not, further KG research has yielded the answer.

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Hi Daniel,

I also followed the Tools courses (Foundation, FDA, ERW, Advanced Tools and
Batch Design)
in B7331.

After having played with XE on Demo Junior
I discovered that the design work in the areas mentioned above did not
really change.
Two weeks ago I went to the "Tools Net Changes XE" training in the UK,
hoping to get into the details that changed.
However, as I had expected 3 main topics were covered :
a) Object Management Workbench
b) Object Management COnfiguration
c) Solution Explorer

OMW and OMC are that fundamental in XE that you will quickly (have to)
learn it :
there is just no way around them ! In fact they are like a new GUI between
you and the Dev. Tools.,
with some added value in terms of Change Management.
Behind the scenes you won't find many differences !

Solution Explorer is announced to be replacing the One World Explorer soon,
so again important enough to start playing with it.

An area that changed heavier is the Interoperability - I can say that based
on some demo's
I have attended. I never had courses on that one.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,

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Your reply had the best timing possible for me; I was almost ready to book the Tools NetChange! But I'm back from a OMW/OMC workshop where some of the Solution Explorer's features were presented, too. It was a good class. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

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