XE Tbl Convs on AS/400 Ent Svr


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This is more of an FYI in hopes that others will not have to go thru the same

XE on AS/400 V4R4
CO on AS/400

This client runs serveral Table conversions on a scheduled basis to synch data
between OneWorld and another system. They use the OW schedule are therefore,
these TCs execute on the Enterprise server.

These TCs ran flawlessly during the entire length of our B7332 install. Once
we upgraded to XE these TCs began to exhibit a problem.
Any records that were added by the TCs could not be viewed or modified through
OneWorld. They would not even show up when querying the table with UTB.

After much suffering they have found that if they set the "Buffer Inserts to
Output Tables" attribute to "off", this problem is resolved.


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